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My ministry creates sacred art and icons for loved ones to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and baptisms.  Proceeds from icons and art are donated to support local pregnancy resource centers to support women, fathers, the unborn and newly born babies.      

I also create home catechesis resources for
families to celebrate feast days together at home.

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Hello my name is Jordan Bronston. I am happily married to my wife Jessica and we have three boys under 5 years (Sam, Ezra and Noah).   

In 2015, I painted my first icon of the Holy Trinity for our wedding, and this began a whole new spiritual journey. Since then, I have painted countless icons and sacred art for feast days we celebrate as a family, our son's birthdays, baptisms, gifts for friends, and local commissions.  


For the last seven years, I have studied under an local eastern orthodox iconographer.  I am a practicing catholic who has a love for this timeless art form and using it to celebrate the liturgical year.  I work across the ecumenical church community and will create hand made art for your church, birthdays, baptisms, or as a gift to your loved ones.  

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My icons are not considered authentically Orthodox, but Catholic in nature. 
The Orthodox Church holds the cannon and dogmas on iconography, I cannot speak for the Church. Some of the work I've done is aligned with orthodox tradition iconography, while other work is what I call catholic sacred art.   I differentiated each piece in the gallery.

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