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Triune Life Together

My name is Jordan Bronston.  I am a husband, father of three boys, avid cargo biker, winter sport lover, iconographer, pemaculturist and follower of Christ.  Our family lives in Woodbury Minnesota. (or as I call it Woodburby).  One of those '3rd ring American suburbs' build for families. 40+ parks, 160+ miles of bike trails, tons of green spaces, lots of chains, and convenient shopping.

Over the last several years, especially since my wife & I have gotten married, we have been asking the question "what does it mean to live an authentic life?"  Does this mean we need to be counter cultural, live in some charming old house, move to a hip neighborhood, start a trendy business, or a travel vlog?   All seem like good ideas from the outside, but then Covid-19 happened, and we were forced to spend more time at our home.   This is when I decided it was time to launch this website and open an icon studio.

During pandemic quarantine, I realized authentic life is never created from the outside looking in, but rather from the inside looking out.   Authentic life is not is not based on following other peoples rules, being trendy or mainstream, materialistic or minimalist, career minded or free spirited.  Rather, authentic life can be found within the ordinary routines of life: breathing, sunrises/sunsets, meals with family, music at the dinner table, practical exercise, getting in touch with nature, humor, sacred traditions, and creative expression.  Home is the perfect environment to learn to live inside out. 

Within these ordinary routines, we learn to be ourselves, explore gifts God's given us, and create extraordinary experiences out of ordinary life.  The Triune God gives us his "I love you" and we can return our "I love you" back in every ordinary thing in life.

Before the pandemic happened, our family has structured our ordinary routines around the Christian calendar & days of celebration (feast days).  We attempt to prayerfully observe moments of the day, days of the week, and seasons of the year.  As these cycles of time and experiences collide, graceful rhythms of new life surged forth.   With every new year, new icons would be created and new memories formed. 

This is not a new discovery, but rather an ancient practice.  Some call it living liturgically, sacramentally or eucharistically.  As an Marian Catholic, I refer to it as living "In the Divine Will."  This is our attempt as a family is to make the liturgical year less old and outdated, but rather more relevant, approachable and extraordinary for families.  This is our attempt to help inspire new traditions and ways of being as we seek Christ throughout the year.

This life is not focused on the individual, but rather the collective.  It is not meant to be something overly spiritual, but rather practical.  It is a tool that helps dampen the noise of the modern world, and provide a means to create sacred spaces and moments for our families.   This Divine Life together revives traditions of old, and brings church back into the home in a more natural way.    

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